About Associates

Associates of the Order of the Holy Cross

The Associates of the Order of the Holy Cross were first instituted in 1887, just 3 years after the founding of the order. Since that time the Associates have been a vital part of the life, work, and vision of the Order.Associates live under The Associates Rule, which they adapt and interpret in consultation with a member of the community or their Spiritual Director. In this way the rule can be tailored very specifically to your life and circumstances. We believe this helps each person to grow in the spirit and in their own gifts. This is very much in keeping with the Order of the Holy Cross and with the very practical wisdom of our Benedictine identity.

The Associates’ Rule has five parts: General Principles, Core Values, Practical Disciplines, Spiritual Tools, and Requirements of Membership. Associates of Holy Cross are committed to centering their lives in the basic values of Benedictine spirituality: Community, Hospitality, Humility, Balance and Mindfulness.

If you are interested in spiritual growth and in a more ordered spiritual life, then you may wish to consider becoming an Associate.

You can read The Associates’ Rule here.