Annual Renewal
Associate of The Order of the Holy Cross

For the Year Beginning Holy Cross Day, September 14th, 2013

Message from the Director of Associates, Western Region: We waited until the feast of Holy Cross to share with you the results of our Open House. Needless to say, the results were wonderful! Friends, neighbors and Associates from outside the city showed up for cookies, ice tea and finger food. New contacts were made and old ones renewed. We are truly blessed by having this support from our associates. Both your prayers and alms are needed for the continued success of this new venture.

Our official name is now Mt. Calvary Monastery and Retreat House.
(Note for memo line on checks: AHC Pledge-donation)

Financial Support: We also remind you of your obligation to offer financial support for our work and ministry as your circumstances allow. You can do this either directly through our various appeals or through occasional or regular donations or through planned giving. We commend this to your prayerful consideration. We are grateful for whatever support you can offer.

  • Review of Rule:
    The Rule for Associates suggests that the annual report include the results of a review of one’s Rule of Life. This is a good opportunity to review your Rule, either alone or with another, to make any needed changes, and to recommit yourself to fruitful and creative living of the Christian life.