Epiphany is for many of us the end of the Christmas season.  Tomorrow, the day after, we will take the lights and ornaments off the tree in the monastic common room and consign the arboreal remnants to the designated pickup area for the City trash people to haul it away.  And so the “holiday season”, [...]


I suppose one of the things that appeals to some about monasteries is the idea that they don’t change much.  The timeless beauty and silence, the monks working quietly in their picturesque robes, that sort of thing.  At least there is a sort of fantasy about it. Well, of course, monasteries do change.  For some [...]

Silence in August

Every year the monks of Mount Calvary Monastery set aside 10 days for a silent retreat.  This is an ancient custom of the Order of the Holy Cross.  In the “old days”, the Order held its annual Chapter in August, usually including the Feast of the Transfiguration, so that most of the Brethren, scattered as [...]

A Celebration! – and Chapter Time

We all honored Luis Ruelas on Sunday, May 31, as he celebrated a quarter century as our chef.  Luis began working with us when we reopened in 1990 after our year-long reconstruction, and he has presided skillfully and creatively over the kitchen ever since then.  When we began offering retreat ministry again after the fire, [...]