Our New Brother

     It is with joy that we announce that this Tuesday, May 12, Brother Timothy Jolley, OHC, will arrive and join the community here at Mount Calvary Monastery. Brother Timothy has spent two extended periods with us here.  The first was for a year’s sabbatical in 2012-13, and the second was a six month period [...]

What Do Monks Do?

As I wrote in the first blog of this series, one of the lovely things about welcoming guests is the questions they ask us.  One of the most popular is “What do you do?”  In our answers we try to honor the goodhearted intention of the guest who is asking by giving a  brief but [...]

What’s A Monastery For?

One of the most common questions monks get asked is one version or another of “What do you do with your day.” When I’m having a bad day I sometimes feel a little moved-in-on by this probing, but I try not to show it. On good days I am happy to unfold my schedule, maybe [...]